Welcome to Woman’s World the Ultimate Trade & Consumer Experience for Women.

2014 Woman’s World Rate Sheet Adobe PDF


Personal Care, Fitness, Health Care, Automobiles, Sports, Home Renovations… The List Goes On…

If you target women, this opportunity is ideal for you. Woman’s World will attract the ladies and their propensity for spending money on “WHAT WOMEN WANT” to this enthusiastic showcase. The target audience of 112,000 females in the Saskatoon market, with tens of thousands more potential attendees from the surrounding areas, will be welcomed to the sights, sounds, demonstrations, and experiences only found at “WOMAN’S WORLD”.

This exciting three day event will offer tremendous exposure and garner unparalleled attention to companies who have products and services of interest to the female market.


The effective gathering of people for the purpose of exposure and sale of provisions and ideas. The establishment of demand and excitement for commodities or services.


One who consumes. One who uses a product. Those who seek goods or services, and share the experience.


Something that amuses, please or diverts